2023 Jeep Wranglers New Color Sounds Like a Prince Reference

2023 Jeep Wranglers New Color Sounds Like a Prince Reference
  • the 2023 jeep wrangler is adding two new, interestingly named paint colors called earl and reign.
  • earl is a gray hue with hints of aquamarine that was first seen on the jeep gladiator farout concept.
  • reign is a purple shade—and seemingly a prince reference—that will have limited availability.

    fans of the jeep wrangler who also happen to love prince—or the artist formerly known as prince, if you like—now have the chance to choose a paint color that sounds like it was named after the late musician's "purple rain" album and the accompanying film. that's because for the 2023 model year the wrangler will be available in purple paint called reign. that has to be more than a coincidence, right?

    purple reign

    jeep says it will only offer a limited number of 2023 wranglers painted in purple reign. it's a $495 option that can be ordered now through october 2022. and that's not the only interestingly named, newly available paint color that wrangler buyers can choose from for the latest model year. no, it's not yellow after the beatles' "yellow submarine" or "red"—as in t. swift's greatest album. it's weirder. it's...earl.

    a paint color called earl

    any potential "earl" reference is less obvious. earl gray tea, perhaps? the tv sitcom "my name is earl," starring jason lee? we may never know. what we do know is that the color earl is gray with an aquamarine tint. it costs $395 and can be ordered now and throughout the entire model year. the paint job first appeared on the jeep gladiator farout concept back in 2020.