2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 Will Be a Slick-Looking EV Sedan
2023 <a href=https://www.sharperedgeengines.com/used-hyundai-engines>hyundai</a> ioniq 6 will be a slick-looking ev sedan
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  • our spy photographers caught a prototype of the upcoming 2023 hyundai ioniq 6.
  • the ioniq 6 is a sedan model and looks similar to hyundai's prophecy concept.
  • expect the ioniq 6 to debut in 2022 and go on sale in the u.s. by 2023.

    hyundai is continuing to grow its ioniq ev lineup and we've now spotted a prototype of the upcoming ioniq 6 sedan testing ahead of its debut planned for later this year. the ioniq 6 features a low-slung, sleek look compared with the boxy ioniq 5 and the upcoming ioniq 7 three-row suv and will likely aim to compete with the tesla model 3 when it goes on sale in the u.s. within the next year or so.

    though the ioniq 6's design is inspired by the prophecy concept hyundai showed in 2020, the production version has more upright proportions than that dramatically shaped model. still, we can see through the camouflage that the headlights and taillights appear to be similarly futuristic. the rounded greenhouse and smooth bodysides make for a significantly less angular and chiseled appearance than the 80s-esque ioniq 5, while the short front overhang and interesting wheel design create an athletic stance.

    we expect the ioniq 6 to use the same e-gmp platform as the ioniq 5 and kia ev6, which means it should offer similar powertrain configurations. the ioniq 5 comes in single- and dual-motor versions ranging from 168 hp to 320 hp, with two different battery pack sizes offering between 220 miles and 303 miles of epa-rated range.

    our spy photographer didn't get any interior images, but we think the ioniq 6 will aim for a lounge-like vibe inside. it will likely be a five-seater with a rear bench seat, and it appears to have a conventional trunk rather than a hatchback.

    hyundai has previously confirmed it will launch the ioniq 6 sometime this year, but it might not go on sale in the u.s. until sometime in 2023. figure a starting price of around $42,000.

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    date : 2022-01-12 05:01:17