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2023 Honda HR-V Shows Off Its New Look

2023 Honda HR-V Shows Off Its New Look
  • honda has revealed the first photos of the redesigned 2023 hr-v.
  • the new model is larger than before, with a longer wheelbase. it now shares its platform with the civic.
  • more info will be coming soon and the new hr-v is scheduled to arrive at u.s. dealerships over the summer.

    honda's smallest suv is entering its second generation, and there are some notable changes in store for the new 2023 hr-v. these are the first official photos of the redesigned model that's headed to the u.s., which is larger than before and distinct from the smaller, hybrid-only europe-market model revealed last year.

    while the hr-v previously used the same platform as the now-discontinued fit hatchback, honda says that the new subcompact suv rides on the same platform as the civic. it has a longer wheelbase than before and now features an independent rear suspension.

    all honda claims about the powertrain is that the new hr-v will be powered by a "more responsive engine," and we'd guess that the civic's 180-hp turbocharged 1.5-liter inline-four will be under the hood to replace the old hr-v's 141-hp 1.8-liter inline-four. the naturally aspirated 158-hp 2.0-liter inline-four from the civic's lower trim levels may also be offered as the hr-v's base engine. front-wheel drive will likely be standard, with all-wheel drive optional, and a cvt automatic should be the only transmission choice. an hr-v hybrid is likely to join the lineup, too, although it may launch later than the gas-only version.

    honda has yet to release photos or information about the hr-v's interior, and we're wondering what the new platform will mean for the packaging. the previous hr-v, like the fit, featured a remarkably low cargo floor thanks to its fuel tank being mounted under the front seats. so we're not sure if the old hr-v's highly configurable rear seat that could fold in multiple configurations will carry over to the new model.

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    the current model's lx, sport, ex, and ex-l trim levels are likely to carry over, and honda released a video showing the new hr-v in several colors including red, grey, silver, black, and white. expect pricing to rise slightly from the current hr-v's $23,095 starting price, with loaded awd models costing over $30,000. more information will be coming within the next few months before the 2023 hr-v goes on sale in the summer.

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