2023 GMC Sierra EV Reveals Its Futuristic Front End

2023 GMC Sierra EV Reveals Its Futuristic Front End
2023 <a href=https://www.sharperedgeengines.com/used-gmc-engines>gmc</a> sierra ev reveals its futuristic front end
  • gmc has revealed the front end of the 2023 sierra ev, an electric pickup truck.
  • like the gas-powered equivalents, the sierra is likely to be mechanically identical to the upcoming silverado ev.
  • gmc will reveal the truck in full in 2022 and plans to build it in michigan.

    gmc is looking to be the first automaker to sell not just one but two electric pickup trucks. the 2023 gmc sierra ev is set to join the existing gmc hummer ev soon, and we now know what its front end will look like thanks to this teaser photo. with a blocked-off grille and a futuristic lighting setup, the electric version of this pickup is likely to look far more futuristic than the gas-powered sierra.

    like the hummer ev and the closely related chevy silverado ev that's also scheduled to debut in 2022, the electric sierra will use gm's ultium battery packs that should provide up to 400 miles of range. many of the tidbits about the silverado ev that chevy has shared—such as its fixed glass roof and rear-wheel-steering setup—should apply to the gmc model as well. predictably enough, the gmc ev will offer a range-topping denali trim level.

    we don't have an exact reveal date for the sierra ev yet, but look for it to debut within the first half of 2022. gmc plans to build it alongside the hummer and silverado at its factory zero plant in michigan.

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