2023 Ford Maverick Prepares to Hit the Trails with Tremor Package

2023 Ford Maverick Prepares to Hit the Trails with Tremor Package
  • the 2023 ford maverick debuts with a new tremor off-road package, which will be available on the xlt and lariat trims starting this fall.
  • the tremor receives a new all-wheel-drive system, a one-inch lift, special front and rear springs and dampers, and trail control.
  • the tremor package will costs an extra $2995 on top of the price of a maverick xlt or lariat.

    ford launched the highly anticipated maverick last year, providing a new entry point for ford pickup trucks with the base xl model starting at just $22,490 and coming standard with a hybrid powertrain good for an epa-estimated 42 mpg on the highway. the maverick has proved to be a success, finding 13,258 homes in 2021 and racking up an additional 38,753 sales in the first half of 2022. now ford is expanding the maverick lineup for 2023, adding a new tremor off-road package.

    available only on the pricier xlt and lariat trims that are fitted with the turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four, the tremor package includes a new all-wheel-drive system with a twin-clutch rear-drive locking differential, which should make the compact pickup more adept off-road by being able to send nearly all rear axle torque to either wheel. the tremor will feature five drive modes depending on the type of terrain or if the driver is towing, with the tremor rated to pull 2000 pounds and haul a 1200-pound payload, down 300 pounds from the base maverick.

    the maverick tremor also is equipped with trail control, where the truck manages the throttle and brakes to maintain a speed set by the driver while the driver navigates tricky off-road situations. the tremor receives a one-inch lift and rides on unique front and rear springs and dampers, while upgraded half-shafts and a heavy-duty transmission cooler should improve durability when taking the tremor away from the pavement.

    orange accents distinguish the tremor, with the bright color appearing on the grille, wheels, and front tow hooks. those tow hooks sit in a redesigned front bumper which features steel skid plates and a provides for a steeper approach angle. there are also blacked-out ford logos and tinted headlights and taillights, while the 17-inch wheels are finished in a dark gray anodized finish and comes wrapped in all-terrain tires. inside, the black onyx seats feature orange stitching and tremor logos. buyers can also spec a tremor appearance package which sees the roof and mirror caps painted carbonized gray and black graphics applied to the sides and hood.

    the tremor will cost an additional $2995, with tremor appearance package adding an extra $1495 to the bill. these prices will be on top of the base price of a maverick xlt or lariat, with the 2022 models starting at $24,835 and $28335, respectively. production of the 2023 maverick starts in the fall, with the tremor becoming available to order in september.