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2022 Nissan Leaf Gets a Huge Price Cut, Now Starts under $30,000

2022 Nissan Leaf Gets a Huge Price Cut, Now Starts under $30,000
2022 <a href=https://www.sharperedgeengines.com/used-nissan-engines>nissan</a> leaf gets a huge price cut, now starts under $30,000
andi hedrickcar and driver
  • nissan has cut the price of the 2022 leaf electric car significantly.
  • it now starts at $28,375, making it the cheapest new ev you can buy.
  • the longer-range leaf plus model now starts at $33,375.

    the nissan leaf no longer represents the state of the art among electric cars, so nissan is dropping the price for 2022 by a significant amount. the 2022 leaf's new starting price of $28,375, a drop of $4245 from last year, makes it the cheapest new ev you can buy, undercutting the $30,570 mini cooper electric. the leaf's other trim levels are also down by several thousand dollars compared with the 2021 model.

    a chademo fast-charging connector is now standard equipment on all leaf models, although as we found during our ev 1000 rally, these types of chargers are less common than the ccs connectors found in many other evs. the leaf lineup still starts off with the s trim, which has a smaller battery pack with an epa-rated 149 miles of range. the sv now starts at $29,775, a $6135 price drop.

    the leaf plus, which has a more powerful electric motor and a larger battery pack providing an epa-estimated 226 miles of range, starts at $33,375 for the s plus, a $5845 drop. the sv plus starts at $36,375, and the loaded sl plus features the biggest price drop of all, with its $38,375 starting price representing a $6545 decrease from last year. the sv plus now has several previously optional driver-assistance features as standard, and the sv plus and sl plus models have a slightly lower epa-estimated range of 215 miles.

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