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2022 Lexus IS500 Launch Edition Offers a New Color Combo

2022 Lexus IS500 Launch Edition Offers a New Color Combo
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  • lexus is offering a launch edition version of the new is500.
  • it has a special exterior color and suede interior trim, along with a serialized plaque inside.
  • the is500 will go on sale in the u.s. this fall, and 500 units of the launch edition will be available.

the new v-8–powered 2022 lexus is500 will offer a special launch edition model with a unique color combo, different wheels, and a few interior tweaks. 500 units of the is500 f sport performance launch edition will be produced for north america, and it'll likely cost a bit more than the standard model, though pricing isn't yet available.

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the launch edition's exterior color is called incognito, and it's a light grey hue that's new to lexus. inside, the launch edition gets a serialized plaque along with grey and black suede upholstery, wood trim for the steering wheel, and a different startup animation for the gauge-cluster screen. the same black 19-inch bbs wheels offered in the dynamic handling package are standard on the launch edition and are said to be lighter than the standard 19-inch wheels.

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under the hood is the same naturally aspirated 5.0-liter v-8 engine with 472 horsepower and 395 pound-feet of torque. all is500 models come with an eight-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive. lexus refers to it as an f sport performance model rather than a full f car like the rc f coupe, which has the same engine.

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