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2022 Kia Carnival Will Make Its U.S. Debut February 23

2022 Kia Carnival Will Make Its U.S. Debut February 23
2022 <a href=>kia</a> carnival will make its u.s. debut february 23
  • kia has confirmed that the next generation of its sedona minivan will be called carnival in the u.s.
  • the carnival name has previously been used for the global version of this van.
  • the 2022 kia carnival will make its u.s. debut february 23.

    the sedona is dead, long live the carnival. kia has confirmed that its new minivan will get a name change, adopting the global carnival moniker and dropping the sedona nameplate that's been in use in the u.s. for the previous three generations of this van.

    we've already seen the global version of the new 2022 kia carnival, and we'll get full u.s. details on february 23, when the 2022 carnival makes its official debut on our shores via livestream. a teaser image shows that it looks very similar to the version we've already seen, and the darkened grille suggests that this could be the first kia model in the u.s. with the company's new logo.

    a filing on the epa site shows that the 2022 carnival will come with a single powertrain in the u.s., a 3.5-liter v-6 and an eight-speed automatic. that means it will likely offer more power than the outgoing sedona, which has a 3.3-liter v-6. its fuel economy also improves from 21 mpg combined to 22 mpg combined.

    the 2022 kia carnival also looks to have a far more modern interior with a larger touchscreen infotainment system and nicer materials. it's likely that the available second-row lounge seats will make their way to the u.s. version, although we don't think we'll see anything like the ultra-luxury korea-market model with curtains and an air purifier on our shores.

    look for more details to come next week as we learn more about the u.s. specs and information about the 2022 carnival. it should go on sale here later this year.

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