2022 Jeep Wrangler Willys Gets 35-Inch Tires, Factory Lift with New Xtreme Recon Package
2022 <a href=https://www.sharperedgeengines.com/used-jeep-engines>jeep</a> wrangler willys gets 35-inch tires, factory lift with new xtreme recon package
  • jeep announced that its new xtreme recon package will be offered on the 2022 wrangler willys. the off-road package had previously been available only on rubicon models, which start at least $3000 higher than the willys.
  • so equipped, the wrangler will be a stronger competitor to the ford bronco with its much-hyped sasquatch package.
  • production of the 2022 wrangler willys with the xtreme recon package starts at the end of the year, but prospective buyers can order it starting next month.

    burly 35-inch tires and a 1.5-inch suspension lift are the highlights of the jeep wrangler's xtreme recon package, which became available on the top-spec rubicon and rubicon 392 models earlier this year. for 2022, that option becomes available on the more affordably priced jeep wrangler willys, giving the wrangler another variant to battle against the ford bronco with its sasquatch package, which also includes 35s direct from the factory.

    in jeep's xtreme recon package, bfgoodrich k02 all-terrain rubber is mounted on 17-by-8.0-inch beadlock-capable wheels. other elements of the package include a 4.56:1 rear axle, upgraded brakes, and a reinforced swing gate (to handle the weight of the rear-mounted spare). with it, the wrangler claims best-in-class approach angle (47.4 degrees), departure angle (40.4 degrees), ground clearance (12.9 inches), and water-fording capability (33.6 inches).

    the 2022 wrangler willys starts at $40,930, which is some $3000 less than a rubicon. the 2021 ford bronco base model with the $4995 sasquatch package added costs $37,380. the xtreme recon package costs $3995 and is available to order beginning in october, with production of 2022 wrangler willys models so equipped set to start in december.

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    date : 2021-09-24 16:01:26