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2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Priced Like Cadillac Escalade, Hits Six Figures

2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Priced Like Cadillac Escalade, Hits Six Figures
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  • the 2022 jeep grand wagoneer will come in five trim levels, ranging in price from $88,995 to $105,995, including the $2000 destination charge.
  • jeep says a fully loaded grand wagoneer will approach $111,000.
  • other full-size suvs in this price range include the cadillac escalade and the upper reaches of the mercedes-benz gls lineup.

    the jeep name hasn't typically been associated with luxury, but if the forthcoming 2022 grand wagoneer lives up to its price tag, that could be about to change. while the wagoneer it shares its platform with is priced to compete with the gmc yukon and ford expedition, the grand wagoneer is priced more in line with luxury offerings such as the bmw x7, cadillac escalade, and mercedes-benz gls-class.

    the grand wagoneer will come in four trim levels. the series i is the entry point for grand wagoneer customers, and it will cost $88,995. the series ii trim will start at $95,995. an obsidian trim will cost $100,995. the top-of-the-line series iii will start at $105,995. only five pre-configured models of the grand wagoneer will be available when the car launches in the second half of this year: one model for each of the bottom three trims and and two versions of the series iii. jeep won't say when customers will be able to configure their own grand wagoneer.

    every grand wagoneer comes standard with four-wheel drive and a 471-hp 6.4-liter v-8 engine; the wagoneer is standard with rear-wheel drive and a 5.7-liter v-8 with a 48-volt starter-generator system. both sizes of wagoneer have an eight-speed automatic transmission

    given its status as the more expensive member of this family, customers can expect luxe surroundings in the grand wagoneer. jeep hasn't detailed the various trims' standard offerings yet, but all of the five variants available at launch will have four-zone climate control, leather-trimmed seats, a 12-inch touchscreen infotainment system, and at least a 19-speaker mcintosh sound system. jeep's active drive assist system, which promises to allow hands-free driving on certain stretches of road, will be available and is included on four of the five launch models. amazon fire tv capability is also available on certain trims, along with two 10.1-inch entertainment screens for rear-seat passengers.

    the grand wagoneer is available to order now for a $500 deposit, and the cars will start showing up in dealerships and the driveways of people who've ordered them in the second half of this year.

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