2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 EPA Range Figures Announced
  • the kia ev6 and hyundai ioniq 5, which ride on the same platform and are set to hit dealerships in the coming months, have received official epa range and efficiency ratings.
  • the rear-wheel-drive, long range models go the furthest, with the ev6 rated at 310 miles of range and the ioniq 5 at 303 miles.
  • the ev6 will also be available with a cheaper standard range configuration, with the 58.0-kwh battery providing enough juice for 232 miles of range.

    hyundai and kia’s newest electric models, the ioniq 5 and ev6, share the same electric-global modular platform (e-gmp) and are due to go on sale this winter. now the epa has released official estimates for the range and efficiency of the ioniq 5 and ev6, and both models can go over 300 miles on a charge in their rear-wheel-drive, long range configurations.

    the sleeker kia ev6 is more efficient and can travel farther than the boxy ioniq 5. the rwd, standard range ev6—using a 58.0-kwh battery—has a range of 232 miles, besting the equivalent ioniq 5 by 12 miles. the base ev6 also returns 117 mpge combined, compared to the ioniq 5’s 110 mpge combined figure. the standard range ev6 is destined for the american market, but the standard range ioniq 5’s fate is murkier—while it is listed on the epa’s website, it is absent from hyundai’s website and the company wouldn’t comment on its availability.

    upgrading to the long range models nets a 77.4-kwh battery, which offers 310 and 303 miles of range on the rwd ev6 and ioniq 5, respectively. efficiency is slightly worse on the long range models, with the rwd ev6 earning 117 mpge combined and the rwd ioniq 5 receiving a 114 mpge rating.

    opting for more powerful all-wheel-drive long range versions drops range significantly, with the awd long range ev6 rated at 274 miles and the equivalent ioniq 5 rated to travel 256 miles on a charge. efficiency declines as well, with the ev6 rated at 105 mpge combined and the ioniq 5 at 98 mpge combined.

    pricing has not yet been announced, but we expect the kia ev6 to start around $45,000 for the rwd standard range model. the ioniq 5's starting price will likely be similar. kia lists ex+ and gt-line trim levels for the ev6, with a more powerful gt variant coming later. hyundai says the ioniq 5 will be available in se, sel, and limited trim levels.

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    date : 2021-12-08 05:01:16