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2022 Honda Civic Hatchback Spied Looking Sleek

2022 Honda Civic Hatchback Spied Looking Sleek
2022 <a href=>honda</a> civic hatchback spied looking sleek
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  • we spied the 2022 honda civic in hatchback form and can see that its design is cleaner than the outgoing model's.
  • honda showed a prototype of the new civic sedan last fall, and it'll also be available in hatchback, si, and type r models.
  • 2022 civic hatchbacks will now be built in the u.s., and they'll be available shortly after the sedan arrives in the spring.

    we've seen what the new honda civic will look like thanks to a sedan prototype shown last fall, but the new-generation compact will also be available in hatchback, si, and type r variants (the coupe is no more). we had a hunch that the 11th-generation hatchback model would look considerably better than the outgoing model because of the prototype's more mature appearance, and we were right, as seen in these spy photos.

    the production version of the sedan will debut closer to its on-sale date in the spring, but this hatchback model we spotted shows that there won't be many changes from the prototype's attractive design. thankfully, the hatchback won't have as many sharp angles and vents as the current model, though the overall shape and slope of the hatch looks similar. the new civic borrows designs cues from the honda accord, and the prototype featured black trim and 19-inch wheels that will likely be reserved for the higher-performance si model. the prototype car also had a digital gauge cluster and a 9.0-inch touchscreen with wireless apple carplay and android auto capability, both of which are likely to make production.

    honda didn't share details of the new car's powertrains when it revealed the prototype, but did boast that it'll have better engine performance and improved handling. expect a turbocharged four-cylinder under the hood, front-wheel drive, and a continuously variable automatic transmission. the higher-performance type r model will continue to be available in the states, and it'll be based on the hatchback. we think it'll have an updated 2.0-liter four-cylinder with more power, and honda has confirmed that it will offer a manual transmission (#savethemanuals).

    we'll know more about the production version of the 2022 honda civic sedan in the coming months, and it'll make honda's best-selling car even more competitive against the toyota corolla, hyundai elantra, mazda 3, and volkswagen jetta. additionally, the hatchback, which is expected to start just under $24,000, will now be built in the u.s., whereas the current model is imported from the u.k.

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