2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E Gains Battery Capacity
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  • ford has released details for the 2022 mustang mach-e.
  • it receives updates to its battery pack, pricing, colors, and equipment.
  • the 2022 mach-e is available to order now, but deliveries won't start until february 2022.

    the ford mustang mach-e, our ev of the year award winner, is receiving a few updates for 2022. along with pricing adjustments for some models and tweaks to the color palette, the most notable change is an increase in usable battery capacity that should boost its range. the standard battery pack goes from 68.0 to 70.0 kwh of usable capacity, while the optional extended range pack increases from 88.0 to 91.0 kwh.

    ford says that the epa isn't retesting the 2022 mach-e, so the official figures won't change from the current model, which ranges from 211 miles for the standard range awd model up to 305 miles for the rwd california route 1 model. but based on the capacity increase, we would expect the updated 2022 model equivalent to the 2021 awd extended range car we tested to go an extra 8 miles in our 75-mph real-world highway test. the 2021 model achieved 250 miles in that test, compared with an epa-rated range of 270 miles. we look forward to running a 2022 model in the same test to see how it performs.

    we asked ford if it's possible that these battery updates could be pushed to existing 2021 mach-e models via over-the-air updates and will update this story when we get more information.

    other updates include a new option for all-wheel drive on the california route 1 trim level that was previously available only with rear-wheel drive. this trim also now comes standard with heated front seats and a heated steering wheel, while the performance-oriented gt now has a black-painted roof as standard (it was previously a $385 option).

    while the base price for the select model stays the same, at $43,995, the mach-e premium's price goes up $500 to $49,200 and the california route 1 goes up $375 to $51,875. the more powerful gt model gets a $1005 price cut and now starts at $59,995. it comes standard with all-wheel drive, which is a $2700 option on all other models.

    the color palette is slightly different, as iced blue silver metallic replaces iconic silver and carbonized grey is no longer available. grabber blue and cyber orange, which were previously exclusive to the gt, are now more widely available throughout the lineup. and there's a new ice white edition available that we've previously detailed.

    orders for the 2022 mustang mach-e are open now on the ford website, but be prepared to wait. the company estimates that deliveries of the select and california route 1 models will start in february 2022, with deliveries of the premium and gt models starting in april 2022.

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    date : 2021-10-15 16:01:39