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2021 Pebble Beach and Monterey Car Week Live Blog

2021 Pebble Beach and Monterey Car Week Live Blog
2021 pebble beach and monterey car week live blog
elana scherr

the pebble beach concours d'elegance and all the festivities around monterey, california, during car week transform the peninsula into an open-air car museum. nearly every event—and there are many—is packed with one-of-a-kind cars you may never see again or that you've only seen in books. this weekend, our editors will share the most interesting, wild, and beautiful cars, and we invite you to join us through the weekend. so put on your salmon-colored pants or seersucker suit and join us in looking at some amazing cars. — car and driver

thursday, august 12

this is how you get pulled over in monterey during car week: by two very annoyed bike cops. — sharon silke carty

tom hanks's airstream and toyota fj40 land cruiser are up for auction here in a few hours. here's a closer look, and we have a story about it.sharon silke carty

here are a couple of photos from the reveal of the acura nsx type s, which i've covered in depth in a separate story. — dave vanderwerp

aston martin is celebrating 70 years importing cars to the u.s. at pebble this weekend, starting by showing off the valhalla, for the first time in north america, as well as the valkyrie spider. aston has a house and outdoor exhibition space on the 18th hole of the pebble beach golf course and is hosting a huge bash at the quail motorsports gathering on friday.sharon silke carty

there are a lot of ways to get to monterey, california. driving up highway 1 in a 2002 mercedes sl500 silver arrow is by no means the worst of them.

and it gets even better, or at least more thematic, when you're chasing a 2005 sl55 amg and a 1969 280sl.

of course, the rule of car week is: whatever you're driving, someone's got something rarer and wilder, and they're about to pass you. elana scherr

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