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2020 Land Rover Defender Lego Technic Kit Has High to Low Gears and Working Winch

2020 Land Rover Defender Lego Technic Kit Has High to Low Gears and Working Winch
  • new 2020 defender lego technic kit was unveiled alongside the real suv at the frankfurt auto show.
  • the kit is based on the short-wheelbase 90 variant of the revived, ultra-rugged suv.
  • it costs $200 and will be available on october 1.

    earlier this summer, u.k. retailer smyths prematurely posted a listing for a 2020 land rover defender lego technic set, which had us on the edge of our seats for the return of the off-road suv as well as its toy counterpart. now, the full details of the set have been revealed alongside the actual suv at the frankfurt auto show. and this is one of the most functional lego sets yet.

    the kit, part of the more difficult and complex technic lineup, has 2573 pieces, and the final build looks pretty close to the real thing. the lego defender sits on the style 6010 six-spoke rims, has authentic body panels, a fully independent suspension, and a four-wheel-drive system with three differentials and operable steering. no surprise here.

    but here is where it gets impressive: under the hood is a working six-cylinder engine with a functional valvetrain, plus a gearbox with a switchable high to low range via two selectors in the interior. you also get a working winch, roof rack, and storage boxes from the adventure pack. we’re not sure what more you could want.

    when assembled, the steering wheel can be moved via a gear on the roof, the hood is opened manually with the winch cable being pulled back in with a gear inside the engine bay, the transmission is revealed by flipping the rear seat forward, and the trunk is opened by twisting the spare tire.

    2020 <a href= rover-engines>land rover</a> defender lego technic kit has high to low gears and working winch

    the defender joins a lineup of lego and lego technic models, which includes cars such as the bugatti chiron, chevrolet corvette zr1, and porsche 911 gt3 rs. the set will cost $200 and will be available to buy online on october 1, 2019. hey, you can't buy the 90 in the u.s. for another year, since only the longer-wheelbase 110 is coming here at launch—another reason to want this lego kit.