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2020 Dodge Charger SRT Widebody to Start at over $71,000

2020 Dodge Charger SRT Widebody to Start at over $71,000
  • dodge announced today that the pinnacle of the four-door charger lineup–the 2020 srt hellcat widebody–will cost $71,140; a limited-edition daytona 50th model will cost $75,635.
  • dodge announced official pricing for the rest of the 2020 charger models as well, with much more affordable figures.
  • 2020 charger models should roll onto dealer lots early next year.

    dodge's new srt hellcat widebody edition will sit near the top a lineup of four-door performance sedans when it goes on sale in early 2020 and will carry a starting price of $71,140. the ultimate charger, however, is the limited-production daytona 50th anniversary edition, which comes with a 717-hp version of the hellcat's 6.2-liter v-8 engine–only 501 will be produced–and a $75,635 price.

    we had a chance to see the hellcat widebody in person back in june when dodge unveiled the car at the company's proving grounds near chelsea, michigan. with the same 707-hp v-8 engine under its sculpted hood as past hellcat models, the new widebody edition isn't likely to be much quicker in a straight line, but the extra-wide bodywork hides a wider front and rear track and a host of suspension upgrades intended to improve the sedan's handling. the new price represents a $2150 price increase over last year's narrower charger srt hellcat, but we anticipate the handling upgrades to be worth the coin.

    lesser charger models can be had for as little as $31,390, although that price will procure buyers only a base sxt model with a 3.6-liter v-6 engine and rear-wheel drive. the gt starts at $33,390, and the v-8–powered r/t kicks off at $37,890. scat pack models are where the performance kicks up a notch, and the standard scat pack model costs $41,490; the widebody upgrade is available on the scat pack car as well and adds $6000 to that car's bottom line.

    2020 <a href=>dodge</a> charger srt widebody to start at over $71,000

    order books open this fall, so if you're interested in the limited-edition daytona 50th model, we'd suggest reaching out to your local dealership with a deposit now. the rest of the 2020 dodge charger lineup will be in stock and ready for shenanigans early next year.