2020-2022 Hyundai Palisade, Kia Telluride Recalled Over Fire Risk
  • hyundai is recalling 245,030 palisades and kia is recalling 36,417 tellurides—all 2020–2022 models—due to a fire risk. both automakers are also ordering a stop-sale on affected models, according to a nhtsa consumer alert.
  • the fire risk stems from a possible electrical short circuit caused by debris or moisture accumulating inside the tow-hitch harness module.
  • hyundai and kia are still finalizing repair plans, but until the issue is resolved, owners are asked to park outside and away from buildings.

    over 280,000 hyundai palisades and kia tellurides from the 2020—2022 model years are being recalled due to potentially faulty tow-hitch harnesses that can cause a fire while the suvs are parked or driving. hyundai and kia today also issued a stop-sale on affected models at dealers and processing centers that haven't been sold, per the national highway traffic safety administration (nhtsa).

    according to separate filings yesterday with nhtsa, hyundai reported that about 245,030 palisades are affected, and kia reported that about 36,417 tellurides are affected. both reports indicate the fire risk stems from an electrical short circuit that can happen when debris or moisture accumulates on the printed circuit board for the tow-hitch harness module. the harness may have been installed as original equipment or as an accessory through a dealer. hyundai confirmed details of the recall to car and driver, but kia hasn't yet responded to a request for comment.

    hyundai and kia are still currently finalizing plans for the fix. in the meantime, both automakers are advising owners of affected vehicles to park outside and away from buildings until the recall is addressed. in its nhtsa report, hyundai states that owners can continue driving their palisades and describes plans to remove the fuse for the tow-hitch module as an extra measure of protection.

    so far, hyundai hasn't reported any fires, crashes, or injuries in the u.s. related to the recall. however, it has confirmed eight cases where melting has occurred. likewise, kia hasn't reported any crashes or injuries, but it did confirm five cases of melting and one fire.

    hyundai plans to notify dealers and owners on october 17, 2022. kia plans to notify dealers about the recall on october 10, 2022, and it plans to notify owners on october 14, 2022.


    date : 2022-08-24 00:00:05