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2019 Lamborghini Urus Video: Lambo SUV's Performance Is No Bull

2019 Lamborghini Urus Video: Lambo SUV's Performance Is No Bull

getting to drive a lamborghini is an aspiration for many, automotive journalists included. that's true for reviewer brian wong, who got behind the wheel of a lamborghini for the first time recently. wong may have fantasized about his first time in a lambo — what he never imagined is that it would be in an ... suv?

he got to test the new-for-2019 urus suv on both the track and off-road, and while he didn't get to experience its claimed 190 mph top speed — again, in an suv — he was very impressed with it on the track. lamborghini put in a lot of work to take a platform shared with the audi q7 and porsche cayenne and make it its own beyond just throwing a 650-horsepower, twin-turbocharged v-8 under the hood.

most impressive to wong included the urus' stability in corners and under heavy braking, thanks to its adaptive suspension technology. additionally, the urus has an all-wheel-drive system that constantly adapts to the selected driving mode and current driving conditions; the standard torque split is 40/60 front/rear but, depending on the situation, it can vary anywhere from 70/30 to 13/87.

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a strange side effect of all that stability, according to wong, is that it reduces the sensation of speed for the driver. the suspension tech and refinement translate well to both the street, where it eats up imperfections without upsetting the occupants, and the dirt, where it holds its own in high-speed off-road situations.

watch the video for all the details on the urus.

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