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2019 Infiniti QX50: How Much Does It Cost to Fill Up?

2019 Infiniti QX50: How Much Does It Cost to Fill Up?
2019 infiniti qx50

gas prices have increased for eight weeks in a row, so it makes sense to try to have your cake and eat it too when buying a crossover: enjoy the benefits of an suv and still get decent fuel economy. the redesigned 2019 infiniti qx50 fits that description as a luxury compact suv that seats five and has epa combined city/highway mileage estimates of 27 mpg with front-wheel drive and 26 mpg with all-wheel drive.

there's a catch, though: the qx50's turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, variable-compression-ratio used engine requires premium gas for best performance. here is how the qx50 operating costs shake out at today's pump prices:

  • using the national average of $3.36 for premium gas, as posted by the aaa daily fuel gauge report on thursday, filling the 16-gallon tank from empty would cost nearly $54.
  • in california, where the average price of premium is $3.91, the cost climbs to $62.56.
  • in missouri, where premium was going for $3.02, a 16-gallon fill would cost a little more than $48.

fuel economy is bound to be on the minds of more consumers these days regardless of whether or not they're shopping for a luxury compact suv like the qx50 or some other vehicle. the price of regular gas climbed 18 cents over the past month to a national average of $2.84, according to aaa. premium gas rose 17 cents, and diesel fuel — which typically declines this time of year — rose 12 cents to $3.09. all three types of fuel were around a half-dollar more per gallon on average than a year ago.

the average price of regular was $3 or higher in 10 states, with california topping the list for the first time in many weeks at $3.66, a penny more than hawaii, the usual leader. the lowest statewide average for regular, $2.55, was shared by arkansas, mississippi and missouri.

pump prices are expected to keep rising in the coming weeks after the u.s. withdrew from a nuclear agreement with iran, sparking an increase in oil prices.

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