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2019 Frankfurt Auto Show Live Updates

2019 Frankfurt Auto Show Live Updates
2019 frankfurt auto show live updates

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the frankfurt auto show, also known as the internationale automobil-ausstellung (iaa), is europe's largest auto show—we mean physically, as it's spread among multiple halls and each of the german automakers has a building all to itself—and is held every other year. the show plays host to major debuts mostly from the germans—duh—including mercedes-benz, bmw, and the volkswagen group's many brands. we are on the ground, wearing our best walking shoes, and will be bringing you live updates. stay tuned! –joey capparella and tony quiroga for car and driver

vw "group night" has technical difficulties, but not with the cars

the volkswagen group conglomerate used its traditional group night to usher in the new id.3 electric car that kicks off a whole family of vw evs. the reveal itself hit a bit of a snag early on, as the large white curtains throughout the hall—meant to come down all at once in dramatic fashion to reveal several different id.3s on multiple levels of the display—did not function as intended. the presenters awkwardly stalled for a bit and then continued on with the presentation, all while noisy cranes were brought out to manually dismantle the curtains, which did, eventually, come down. —joey capparella