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2018 Genesis G90: What's the Cost of a Fill-Up?

2018 Genesis G90: What's the Cost of a Fill-Up?
2018 genesis g90

following its introduction as the first model of hyundai's offshoot luxury brand in 2017, the genesis g90 returns for 2018 largely unchanged. still, it's a five-seat flagship sedan with a lot to offer in terms of comfort, amenities and even performance. as gas prices have started to fall this week, that might have car shoppers thinking more in terms of the latter than the former.

after nearly three months of steady increases, motorists who were worried about the cost of filling up are breathing a little easier and maybe thinking more about performance than fuel economy as the national average dropped this week. that would put more focus on luxury-performance cars such as the g90, offered with a turbocharged 3.3-liter v-6 used engine that generates 365 horsepower or a 5.0-liter v-8 that makes 420 hp. both used engine require premium gas, and they team with an eight-speed automatic transmission and are available with rear- or all-wheel drive.

here is how much it would cost to fill the g90's 21.9-gallon tank based on prices posted on thursday by the aaa daily fuel gauge report:

  • using the national average of $3.48 for premium, filling the tank from empty would cost $76.21.
  • in california, where premium averaged the highest in the nation at $3.99, the cost rises to more than $87.
  • premium was going for $3.19 in south carolina, so the cost of filling there drops to a little less than $70.
  • the epa says the genesis g90's combined city/highway mileage rating for v-6 models is 20 mpg with either rwd or awd. rwd v-8 models are rated at 19 mpg and awd v-8 models at 18.

aaa said thursday the national average for premium dropped a penny over the past week, and regular gas fell for the first time in 11 weeks, dropping 2 cents to $2.94. diesel fuel held steady at $3.21.

california had the highest average price for regular, $3.73, and south carolina the lowest, $2.61. aaa said regular on thursday was 58 cents higher than a year ago, premium was 59 cents higher and diesel 69 cents higher. prices fell in most states the past week, though the average price of regular still was $3 or more in 16 states on thursday, two less than the previous week.

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