1972 BMW 3.0CS Looking Good, up for Auction on Bring a Trailer
1972 <a href=https://www.sharperedgeengines.com/used-bmw-engines>bmw</a> 3.0cs looking good, up for auction on bring a trailer
bring a trailer
  • we might need a word to describe looking at excellent classic cars on auction sites during a pandemic. something like doomscrolling, but without the negative connotation. (or maybe: window shopping.)
  • for example, how about this 1972 bmw 3.0cs that was originally sold in germany and was imported to the u.s. in the '80s? sure, it's been repainted, and who knows how many miles are actually on it. but it looks good and appears to be in excellent shape.
  • the current bid is $50,000, and the auction ends friday.

    scrolling through classic car auction sites has become more popular than ever during the pandemic, if the prices of many recent auctions tell us anything. our friends at bring a trailer continue to provide social media with plenty of "can you believe this?" listings as final bids for these classics mimic the higher prices we're seeing across the board for new and used cars. today, we've got our eye on a 1972 bmw 3.0cs, listed for auction on bat, with a 3.0-liter m30 straight-six engine and a four-speed manual transmission. this elegant example of an e9 series was purchased new in germany and imported to the u.s. in 1984.

    as with any car that has this many years behind it, there are some quirks to be found. the seller, who regularly lists vehicles on the site and bought this vehicle in late 2021, says that the windows and gauges are functioning, but not the clock. the second owner repainted it in metallic green sometime after 2015, covering the original taiga metallic green paint. the interior, with its beige cloth upholstery, is all original. the brake pads, calipers, springs, struts, exhaust, water pump, and fan clutch have all been replaced at some point since 2015, the owner says. lowering springs and bilstein struts were installed in april 2019.

    the 16-inch wheels are "alpina style" and not original. the odometer shows around 10,000 miles, but the true mileage is unknown. service records for the car, going back to the 1970s, are included, as are the owner's manuals, importation documents, and a clean connecticut title. the panasonic am/fm–cassette stereo knows nothing about your smartphone.

    the vehicle is located in north salem, new york, and anyone in the area can schedule an appointment to see the car on december 17.

    similar early-1970s bmw 3.0 cs models currently for sale over on hemmings, in wildly different conditions, range from around $16,000 to over $100,000, which admittedly tells us little about what to expect for the final price here. the current bid is $50,000 and the auction ends friday, december 17.

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    date : 2021-12-12 05:02:19