1967 Porsche 912 Listed for Auction, Truly Loved, One Owner
1967 <a href=https://www.sharperedgeengines.com/used-porsche-engines>porsche</a> 912 listed for auction, truly loved, one owner
  • it's not just a car that’s for sale on bring a trailer right now, but a story of a man who loved his porsche 912.
  • george vaccaro purchased it as a way to tour europe on the cheap back in 1967. the 912 lodged itself deeply into his heart, so he and his wife decided to ship it back home to the u.s., where it was nicknamed "the gray fox" and used as a daily driver for decades.
  • the auction ends on thursday, october 28, and bidding is already above $80,000 as of october 24. vaccaro passed away earlier this year at age 80, and his family hopes for a buyer who's willing to keep this vehicle alive the way he did all those years.

    not many 1967 porsche 912 coupes are still around, and none of them have the story that auction lot #58316, currently available on bring a trailer, does. as this nicely produced video accompanying the auction listing lays out, this is the story of a man who loved his car too much to sell it over a half-century ago.

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    during a 10-country european vacation in 1967, george vaccaro decided to buy a new porsche—original cost $4515, with options—and drive it across the continent rather than rent some wheels. at the end of the trip, the plan was, he and his wife would sell the car for enough that they'd save money on the deal. but, after experiencing just what the 912 had to offer, the plan changed and the porsche found its way to the u.s., where it served as a daily driver for years and years.

    it’s easy to understand why vaccaro and his wife loved this 912, which earned the nickname the gray fox. painted in slate gray with a black vinyl interior, the 1.6-liter flat-four and four-speed manual transmission provided just the thing for enjoyable driving 50-plus years ago. vaccaro took such good care of this 912 that it still provides an enthusiast experience today.

    you can be the next person to own this vehicle if you've got the money and, one hopes, the ability to care for this piece of automotive tradition as well as vaccaro did. the current bid is just under $83,000 with four days left in the auction. the price includes the car's "importation correspondence, service records, black california license plates, a porsche certificate of authenticity, magazines in which it was featured, trophies, a tool roll, manufacturer's literature, and a clean california title," bat says.

    the reason this 912 is up for sale now is because vaccaro passed away earlier this year at age 80. his twin daughters also have an affection for this car, but they want someone who loves cars to become the second owner, someone who will not only enjoy the drive but who is also able to care for—and enjoy—the 912 the way their father did. because enjoy it he did. the five-digit mechanical odometer shows 89,000 miles, but it has rolled over at least once.

    as the trophies and media attention included in the auction hint, this 912 has been getting attention for years. two years ago, the car underwent an engine-out overhaul with help from btm motorwerks of campbell, california. more recently, the tires and hood struts were replaced and the upholstery was repaired. there's a four-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel and an analog clock. the car also comes with 15-inch wheels with porsche dog-dish hubcaps, a heater, and a panasonic cassette stereo (apparently installed in 1974 after the original radio was stolen). the exterior has been refinished, and according to bat commenters who say they've seen the gray fox in person at events or on the road, this porsche 912 coupe is about as stunning an example as you're likely to find these days.

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