$12 Million Florida Mansion Comes with Go-Kart Track, 3 Garages

$12 Million Florida Mansion Comes with Go-Kart Track, 3 Garages
$12 Million Florida Mansion Comes with Go-Kart Track, 3 Garages
Sotheby's International RealtyCar and Driver
  • Looking for a house with lots of garage space and maybe a go-kart track out back? Premier Sotheby's International Realty is listing one in Sarasota, Florida, right now, which we spotted via Mansion Global.
  • The 10-bedroom, 15-bath estate is set on 13 acres and includes three garages, one of which is a 3500-square-foot air-conditioned storage building where you can keep go-karts (or whatever you want).
  • The $12 million asking price makes it the priciest home listing anywhere in the area, according to a check of Zillow—but do those other houses have a go-kart track? We think not.

    Without trainer Mickey Goldmill, Rocky Balboa never would have stood a chance against Apollo Creed. But you're reading Car and Driver, not Ring and Glove. So what does boxing matter to the car enthusiast with a dream of becoming a professional or semi-professional race-car driver?

    Well, because much as Rocky needed Mickey to properly prepare for his fight with Creed, those with professional racing ambitions need the training to compete at a professional level. In order to achieve this, you'll need three things: a good deal of money, a driving coach, and a track. Oh yeah, some sort of race car may help, too.

    While we'll let you find a driving coach on your own, we may have a tip on a nice little go-kart track that's sure to help you master your driving skills. Located in Sarasota, Florida, the go-kart track is just one small part of a $12 million, approximately 13-acre estate that also includes a seven-bedroom main house, a three-bedroom guest house, a tennis court, plus three garages, one of which is a 3500-square-foot air-conditioned storage building. The latter bit is the perfect place to house the go-karts you'll no doubt need to hone your racing line on the aforementioned track. Later in your racing career, it may even hold a few bona fide race cars, which you can tow to one of Florida's many racetracks to prove you are more than a go-kart driver.

    Should you realize you're not cut out to race professionally, however, the property's various facilities should help dull the pain of confronting your lack of talent on the track. The main house includes a three-car garage, a big outdoor pool, and a dedicated game room. Additionally, there's the guest house, which includes its own private entrance and a two-car garage. The guest house is also accessible by way of the main house's bowling alley, which ought to make it easier to go about quietly engaging in the occasional late-night sports matchup.

    So, how about it, huh? Are you the Rocky of the racetrack? Do you have a cool $12 mil burning a hole in your pocket? If so, now is your chance to own a go-kart track situated in the middle of a largely upper-middle-class Florida neighborhood.

    Sure, your neighbors might get a wee bit annoyed with the racket of go-karts regularly running about, and they might even find your multi-acre compound's 10 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms a little pretentious. But who cares? You've got a dream to become a race car driver and you're not going to let the occasional noise complaint stop you from achieving it. Plus, you can always try to win your irritated neighbors over by inviting them over for a round of tennis or a bit of bowling or a chance to have a go around the go-kart track. That ought to do the trick, right?

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