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$100,000 Used Cars: Window Shop with Car and Driver

$100,000 Used Cars: Window Shop with Car and Driver

even after being on the show before, for reasons known only to him, matt farah of the smoking tire podcast found time in his busy schedule to face this week's window shop challenge: find the best $100,000 used car.

in addition to producing a podcast, posting videos to his youtube channel, and contributing to road & track, farah owns and operates westside collector car storage, a purpose-built facility in california that regularly houses this caliber of car, so we're glad to have him on the panel for this challenge.

contributor john pearley huffman gets us started with an intriguing pick. his 1966 ford galaxie has a 7.0-liter v-8, its top goes down, and it looks pristine. the ws crew likes this big, beautiful ford, but given its similarity to galaxies that cost $25k, we're not sure it looks like 100,000 bucks.

in contrast, farah hits shoppers with a porsche 911t that looks as expensive as it is. we all remember the 911t and the way it drives. we can't deny the performance of his pick, but some of us feel it's a little too obvious a choice.

contributor jonathon ramsey lends weight to that argument when he shows off his find: a 2014 911 gt3. like so many 2014 gt3s, this one had to have its engine replaced due to teething problems and a risk of fire. but at least the new engine has a 10-year warranty.

deputy testing director k.c. colwell goes in another direction, selecting an e34 bmw m5 touring. for those who don't speak bmw, touring means wagon. this rare longroof bimmer features a high-revving 3.8-liter inline-six and a stick shift.

barely sneaking in under the price cap is deputy editor tony quiroga's exotic ferrari 360 modena. the car features a manual transmission with the classic gated shifter and promises not to be as expensive to maintain as other ferraris.

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