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Erie Pennsylvania Joe Soliwoda’s Garage 

Joe Soliwoda’s Garage 

Joe Soliwoda’s Garage 

Erie, Pennsylvania is home to a family-owned Replacement Garage that has served a large majority of the townspeople’s vehicles. Happy customers buzz among the building offering their most sincere words of gratitude to Joe, owners of Joe Soliwoda’s Garage. From Transmission Replacement to Used Engine Installation, the people of Erie have put their trust into Joe Soliwoda’s Garage time and time again. Sharper Edge works directly with Joe to offer only the finest Used and Remanufactured Engines and Transmissions with cost and quality in mind.

When a family’s mode of transportation breaks down, replacing the vehicle all together is not always an option. Often times, an Engine or Transmission Replacement or Transfer Case is much more affordable than purchasing a new car, truck or van. Joe treats every customer as family and realizes that cost is usually the deciding factor in which parts you ultimately choose. As partners, we work together to ensure the part purchased will serve the customer for years to come. Locating these major parts that are in good shape and have the right amount of mileage is the solution customers are looking for. Used Motors art typically pulled from a wrecked vehicle that had no damage done to the motor. Because of this, they often have very low miles and do not require any replacement parts. Going this route is usually the best way to get an Inexpensive Engine or Transmission.

Another option is to use a Remanufactured Engine or Transmission. While Used Engines and Transmissions are a great choice for your vehicle, remanufactured parts, if available, have some great advantages as well. With a Remanufacture, the motor or transmission is pulled from a vehicle and restored back to factory settings, resulting in new condition with zero mileage.

It is important to know that you have options. Joe finds great joy in helping his customers find the best part for their individual needs. He has worked on classics, older model and newer model cars. Each job has its own challenges and Joe takes each one on eagerly.

“I love what I do,” shared Joe. “I want my customers to know that I will treat each vehicle as if it’s my own. They will leave with peace of mind and confidence that I have gone above and beyond to take care of the job they hired me to do. Engines and Transmissions are a big deal. The replacement process takes skill and expertise. Those are two things I am proud to say I have.”

Without a doubt, Joe Soliwoda’s Garage is an expert in his industry. With returning customers and online reviews of his exceptional work, there is no denying Joe’s integrity or hard work that results in very happy and satisfied customers.

Regardless of your needs, Joe is available to guide you in the right direction and offer pricing and service second to none. Joe is conveniently located in Erie, PA and can be reached toll-free at: