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When it comes to an Engine Replacement, cost is a heavy factor in which one you ultimately choose. We, at Sharper Edge, believe each customer has the right to more than just an Inexpensive Engine. Reliability is key. We are partnered directly with Elizabeth and Darren at Heavy D’s Automotive in Edge Wood, Washington, who have the same core beliefs: to offer the best Engines available to you, as the customer. Heavy D’s Automotive and Sharper Edge work together to make your Used Engine Replacement as seamless as possible. We realize that you have questions and we have the answers!

With 11 years in the industry, Heavy D’s of Edgewood, Washington, has the experience and knowledge to pair each customer with the motor that suits their needs. Often, when we have car troubles, we veer towards purchasing a new car altogether. And while a new car is tempting, it is not always affordable or attainable. Having a Replacement Engine can often do the trick and save the customer thousands in car payments. Heavy D’s has been a top of the line vendor for engines as well as provided thousands of satisfied customers with Used Engine Replacements throughout the years. We at Sharper Edge, only work with top of the line businesses such as Heavy D’s. As a Replacement Garage, owners Darren and Elizabeth understand the ins and outs of every type of Auto Part. They have worked with all types of cars ranging from antiques to current year SUV’s, offering Engines and Transmissions as well as Engine and Transmission Installation. No matter the age or model of your vehicle, Heavy D’s Automotive has you covered.

In our partnership, we realize that your vehicle is what keeps your life running as a well-oiled machine. Worrying about the reliability of your vehicle should be the furthest thing from your mind in your busy life. Heavy D’s has the ability to quickly get the quality motor you need from purchasing to the Used Engine Installation, so you can get up and running and back on the road. When the questions “Where to Install my Engine” and “Where is there an Engine Replacement near me” arise, put a call in to our friends in Edgewood, Washington at Heavy D’s. From the initial search and purchase to the final installation, they are there for all of your vehicle’s needs!

Sharper Edge is proud to be in a trusted partnership with Heavy D’s.

Give Darren, Elizabeth and their team a call today at :

phone: 253-840-077

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5205 Chrisella Drive East, Edgewood WA 98372