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Remanufactured Transmissions

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Remand TransmissionsSharper Edge Engines will provide you with Remanufactured Transmissions which are build not only to meet but exceed original equipment manufacturers (OEM) specifications!

Do you need a Rebuilt transmission?

We build top quality remanufactured transmissions using high tech computer numerical control (CNC) equipment. When assembling transmissions, Sharper Edge Engines only uses parts that meet and exceed OEM specifications.

The reason many car owners choose to buy remanufactured transmissions over new transmissions is because of cost-effectiveness and quality. Like a new engine part, remanufactured ones run for hundreds of miles, sometimes even more! However, this is only true if you get your rebuilt parts from a reliable auto remanufacturing company.

The reason Sharper Edge has grown into a national seller of quality engine parts is because of its consistent delivery of exceptional remanufactured products. Chances are, if you have a car, we have a reliable part for it. We offer everything from remanufactured Ford transmissions for sedans and F-150s to BMW transmissions for 3-series and X-series. Use our convenient search bar above to see if we carry the part you need!

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If you're having a hard time breaking down the pros and cons of new vs. remanufactured transmissions, let us put your mind at ease. Give our Jacksonville-based automotive facility a call and we'll give you all the information you need. You'll see that customers not only love us for our high quality parts, but for our exceptional customer service as well.

Right now, nationwide shipments are available. Whether your car is new or old, we have rebuilt transmissions in stock, ready to ship.

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