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Used Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Engine

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Used Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Engines and Transmissions for sale

Used Oldsmobile EngineCutlass Ciera: an Old’s car which managed to bag ample fame and money

Cutlass Ciera from Oldsmobile was a midsized car that was released in three versions of sedan, coupe and wagon. The car saw its production for 14 years starting from 1982 till 1996. Ciera was a popular car model among buyers from all across North America. Ciera is said to have been a strong model from GM whose 100000 plus units were sold and helped the manufacturer bag ample fame and money together.


Some special models under Cutlass Calais name

Referred to be the first front wheel drive car in the mid size range category from Oldsmobile, Cutlass Ciera was named among an elite car model illustrating luxury molded in traditional style. The car was believed to be a stretched version of the GM X car and displayed front wheel drive. Some other cars with which this shared common platform were the Chevrolet Celebrity, Buick Century, and Pontiac 6000. Ciera was a replacement for its predecessor Cutlass and cutlass LS which was equipped with front wheel drive feature for the first time.

This first front wheel drive car from Oldsmobile was a mid sized car that offered engines like 2.5L Iron Duke 4 cylinder and the Buick based 3.0L V6. A new 4.3L diesel engine was also offered, but the gasoline version of the same saw much greater sales. Later on during the production cycle some other engines were also used in the car model which were 3.8L V6 (1984-1988) a 2.8L V6 from Chevrolet, 2.2L 4 cylinder (Iron Duke replacement for 1993-1996) 3.1L V6 and a 3.3L V6. Cutlass Ciera was equipped with 3 and 4 speed automatic transmission while one model in the year 1984 even showed 5 speed manual transmissions.

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Like every car form Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera too was introduced in some special editions which became very popular among some special buyers. These included the Holiday coupe (1984-1986, RPO WJ5) GT (1985-1987) ES (1984-1987) and International models. The Holiday coupe model from Ciera focused entirely on fulfilling two traits luxury and traditional style, while other models in this list depicted more of a sporty look and features and were equipped with V6 engine and blacked out or body color trim, as well as a host of other sport accessories.

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Cutlass Supreme led Ciera in acquiring a new role as a traditional and value for money midsized car from the GM line up. Every new model was introduced with new features and some changes to complement the look and experience of the existing models. Still very popular, Ciera was at the time among the oldest designs on the market. Ciera was also among the last cars to wear the older Oldsmobile Rocket emblem.

Some prizes bagged by Cutlass Ciera in the industry include; the Cutlass Ciera managed to get consistently ranked among the highest rated vehicles by J.D. Power and Associates; it was ranked the "Best in Price Class" in 1992 and the "Top-Ranked American-Made Car" in the same year. It was also named "Safe Car of the Year" by Prevention Magazine, a third award in the row in the year 1992.


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