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Used Oldsmobile 98 Engine

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Used Oldsmobile 98 Engines and Transmissions for sale

Used Oldsmobile Engine Oldsmobile Aurora: a car that managed to enhance the lifespan of Oldsmobile

Oldsmobile 98 was referred as the full size flagship car model from the Oldsmobile Company of GM that was manufactured from 1940 till 1966. The series 90 of the same was equipped with an 8 cylinder engine and was introduced in the year 1941. The 98 from Oldsmobile was known to share its General Motors c body podium with Cadillac and Buick.

Ninety Eight from Oldsmobile was believed to do everything nicely. The car delivered a comfort, quiet ride and a much better performance than its competitors. The car delivered everything one is looking from a traditional luxury car and one which distribute pretty good performance. The two versions in which the car was made available by GM included the standard Regency Elite, and the more expensive and more performance-minded Touring Sedan.


More about the popular version of 98

The Touring Sedan was believed to be a better version of the Ninety Eight as it was equipped with pleasant features and the least of which could be the standard equipment that it came with. The list of no-extra-cost features that were included in this car was the air conditioning with climate control to a driver's-side air bag and an anti-lock braking system. The premium additions on the other hand included in this model were a theft-deterrent system, a top-shelf stereo/cassette and every power assist that were known to latter-day hedonists and which they anticipated from the car model.

The redesigned interior was another enhanced feature which is very pretty with the exterior being plain. In addition to being quite handsome, the interior of the new sedan was ergonomically sound, thoroughly comfortable and roomier than ever. An increase of 9.5 inches in the Ninety-Eight's length helped in translating to even further rear legroom, plus a much larger trunk. The latter, which used to be an ample 16.4 cubic feet, is now a cavernous 20.2.


Other added features which managed to get categorized under the comfort category included in the touring Sedan were high ride quality and low wind, engine and body noise. Stiffer sport suspension, 16-inch aluminum wheels and hefty P215/60R16 tires, all inside the car opposite to the expectation delivered a quiet and smooth ride to the car. The quiet ride was all due to the structural reinforcements made in the battery which were incorporated in the new car.

The large size of the car did not pave any hindrance in its great performance. The car easily managed to handle crisply and accelerate briskly enough. The crispy handing is much attributed by the special, fully independent Touring Sedan suspension. The 3.8 liter V 6 version of engine included in the car helped it in performing zero to 60 m.p.h. in 10 seconds – as the engine saw many revisions from its existing counterparts. This engine, which also found in the Buick Park Avenue, produced only five more horsepower than its 165-horse predecessor, but provided that power earlier to give the rider and the driver more oomph in real-world driving.

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The fuel mileage in the Touring Sedan was pretty decent and acceptable, which was mainly due to two reasons that were the car was not very heavy for its size, and partly because of the efficiency of its power train. The car had an EPA mileage rating of 18 in the city and 27 on the highway. But most riders could easily experience 19 m.p.g. in largely city driving.

The idea of buying a used engine

The ideally performing Ninety Eight might at some point of time require an engine change or revamp. If you are not in the mood to spend on a brand new engine then you can find the ideal option with a used, remanufactured or rebuilt engine. These engines perform as good as new but at a much lesser price. The store where you can find the best and most updated collection of such engines for your Ninety Eight is at Auto Parts Fair. Here almost every model can have an ideal engine which can best fit in your pocket and your needs. The free shipping feature and an online choice option make this buy even simpler with an added peace of mind and complete relaxation.


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