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Quality deals on used Suzuki Side kick engine just a click away!

Used engine Whether it is about spending a 100 dollar or 10,000 dollars you always research the market in the hope of finding most suitable deals. But you are ignoring one important fact associated with this tedious market research that you are spending ample amount of time and resources. Now any research that demands intense research always exceeds the budget of purchasing used Suzuki Side kick engines. There are numerous different providers of used engines and transmissions in the market that offer hundreds of lucrative deals. But when it comes to locating most reliable options then Sharper Edge Engines is the best of the best. They have designed a unique platform of used engines and transmissions including every possible auto brand.

Why Consider Used Suzuki Side kick Engines?

Suzuki is one renowned auto manufacturing giant that has given innumerable options in SUV, crossovers, compact cars and other vehicle types. Now if you have Suzuki car or Suzuki Escudo that needs refurbishment then it is apparent either you need to replace its engine or transmission along other add-on components.

It is been observed that people do not easily trust the market of used engines in terms of quality, reliability and cost effectiveness. But at Sharper Edge Engines you will find all types of used Suzuki Side kick engines for sale without compromising any basic quality and exceeding your budget. Moreover they will provide you every single detail of available options including performance, mileage system, price quote, warranty scheme, VIN details.

How to locate cheap but quality used Suzuki Side kick engine for sale?

Performance efficiency, low mileage, appreciable warranty scheme, VIN details are a few attributes that defined quality used engines. But when you get all these attributes in affordable price range then it became the best deal. Same principle is applicable on the working of Sharper Edge Engines. They offer all kinds of remanufactured Suzuki Side kick engines in different price range that means you can save a lot by avoiding tedious field work and getting yourself quality engine in budget.

About Suzuki Automobiles

When it comes to counting the best multinational automobile giants around the world then Suzuki is one renowned name that established itself as one reliable and popular auto manufacturing company. If you count the list of Japanese auto manufacturers then Suzuki ranks fourth in position and known for manufacturing numerous different vehicles including compact automobiles, wide range of motorcycles, 4x4 vehicles and other terrain vehicles.

Suzuki is founded in year 1909 as Suzuki Loom Works that is known for manufacturing weaving looms and other equipments for silk industry. After getting huge success from its loom machine Suzuki thought about diversification so that they can grow further and reach other kinds of audience in the market and after thorough market research they decided to manufacture small cars that were quite high in demand in that period. Their new project of building small cars was initiated in year 1937 and within two years of time they unveiled numerous different prototypes in small cars. The very first lot of their small cars contained four cylinder engines along liquid cooled four stroke technology.

Options in remanufactured Suzuki Side kick engine

1. First generation
• 1.0 cubic capacity engines of 56 hp (42 kW) with I4 configuration
• 1.3 cubic capacity engines of 64 hp (48 kW) with I4 configuration
• 1.8 cubic capacity engines of 120 hp (89 kW) with I4 configuration
• 2.0 cubic capacity engines of 130 hp (97 kW) with I4 configuration

2. Second generation
• 6 cubic capacity engines in 16V series with I4 configuration
• 2.5 cubic capacity engines in H25A V6 configuration
• 2.0 cubic capacity engines in RF/RHZ/RHW Turbodiesel series with I4 configuration

3. Third generation
Here you have following rebuilt Suzuki Side kick engines:
• 1.6 Cubic capacity engines in 16v series with I4 configuration
• 2.0 cubic capacity engines in J20A series with I4 configuration
• 1.9 cubic capacity engines Turbo diesel with I4 configuration
• 3.2 cubic capacity engines in (N32A) VVT series with V6 configuration







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