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Used Chevrolet Colorado Engine

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used Chevrolet engineRemanufactured Chevrolet Aveo Engines for Sale with Low Miles

Welcome to Sharper Edge Engines, a preferred provider of used Chevy truck engines and services for remanufactured or rebuilt Chevy Colorado engines. All our used Colorado engines come with our personal 100% money-back guarantee. Decades of acquiring used truck engines by our family has created a massive inventory of tens of thousands of clean good used engines ready to ship. If your Colorado truck engine sputters, spits or chugs too much, a replacement engine is a smart move.

Rebuilt Colorado engines can eliminate original manufacture defects making your new engine better and extending your truck's life for another generation. Buying a used Colorado engine with low miles can help save you money. Getting a 30, 60 or 90 day warranty offers assurance. This is in addition to our guarantee. Truck engines ultimately fail. Accidents happen. We can help you obtain one for a tiny fraction of the price on a new one. For FREE Quotes have:

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We can provision a myriad of options for replacement Chevrolet and General Motors truck engines at affordable costs. Get free access to our massive inventory warehouse with tens of thousands of units ready to ship. Most units have full warranties and distinct performance analysis. If you're having trouble finding a particular engine with a certain parameter of specifications, we can probably help you find it. Call and check without obligation. We specialize in narrowing search to the exact match for your Chevrolet truck needs. Your satisfaction is the goal of our family-owned business. Our services cover the wide range of power train options, transmissions or transfer cases for any of your personal automotive needs and comes with steeply discounted Chevy automotive components.

At, we take pride in shipping remanufactured Chevy Colorado transmissions and motors to our clients like individual owners and Chevrolet Colorado enthusiasts. From your rebuilt Chevy engine block, stems every performance-related issue for your truck. Just imagine having your truck performing better than new. We're automotive engine experts with the most comprehensive set of resources for Chevy truck owners. Don't despair if you're having trouble in researching of your Colorado engine. Call our toll-free number. Our power train expert will help obtain that perfect engine block for your truck. Our huge selection of used engines for sale will help open up the best options, suited to your price range and engine size. You'll receive only the best from

Chevrolet Colorado Engines from Birth:

The design of the first generation General Motors Chevrolet Colorado compact and light-duty pickup trucks were born on the North American continent under a joint operation between General Motors and Isuzu. For Europe, these pickup trucks took the name under its Isuzu i-Series bearing the same GM power train for European sales. The i-Series engines sold with the Isuzu badge are popular in Thailand, Chile, Mexico and Malaysia. It was also named the Isuzu Hombre for some markets. GM designs are for Americans with its reliable design-specific inline 4 or inline 5 engines. If you own a Chevy Colorado within the American market, its engine for the standard model is likely to be a 2.8 liter with 171 cubic inches and is a straight-4 gas-fueled engine. The more powerful inline-5 range includes a 3.5 liter capacity. If your truck is a 4-door Colorado light duty pickup with an auto transmission, that's most likely your engine size. US Chevy Colorado models 2009 or younger could be housing a:
Vortec 5.3 liter 232 cu in V-8.

This Vortec 5300 is an off shoot of a small block V8 custom fit to generation four GMT pickup trucks. If your truck houses one of these, it should be performing with 300 horsepower and 5200 revolutions per minute at 320 pounds per foot and 4000 rpm. This Vortec engine conforms to either a manual or automatic transmission. You can call our toll-free number with your Colorado's VIN. We'll check your Colorado engine specs without obligation. Have your Chevrolet vehicle identification number and the shop address when you call.

The second generation Chevrolet Colorado models consist of those born in 2009 until present sold mostly in the United States. It's known as a Chevrolet Holden in Australia and continue to run popular as the Isuzu i-Series elsewhere. Americans have taken a fancy for the light duty Chevy Colorado in its class most often rivaling or replacing the popular Chevy S-10. This generation initially begat an Ecotec (inline 4) engine with 2.5 liter engine or a 3.6 liter engine on an upgraded trim version. A unique introduction of a Duramax turbodiesel 3.5 liter revealed itself in the 2015 Colorado truck models.

Yours might actually be a GMC Canyon where the Colorado was rebadged in 2014. The GMC Canyon is a sister to the Chevrolet Colorado. The engine specifications are similar or identical. This widens the availability and make sourcing the right engine at the right price for your truck. If your Chevrolet truck or pickup is younger than 1998, we can source the engine regardless of your model. The number of Chevy truck engines manufactured by General Motors is extensive. Factor in the exact models included for sales in Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico and elsewhere rebadged under a different name and it gives rise to a myriad of options and, ultimately, provides availability to find a great Chevy truck engine with very few miles and low cost. If you call our toll-free number our digital catalog will source and price quickly. Your Chevy VIN is crucial. For accurate prices, please have the potential ship-to address when you call.

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