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Used Chevrolet Celebrity Engine

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Used Chevy EngineUsed Chevrolet Celebrity Engines For Sale

Acquiring a remanufactured Chevrolet Celebrity engine is one task, finding an authentic one with low miles is seemingly near impossible without an expert. Welcome to Sharper Edge Engines where personalized service and procuring authentic engine blocks is the point. Still, a rebuilt Chevrolet Celebrity engine may be more adequate because they may include specific warranties and, often, a lower price. Just call for availability with your VIN and relative shipping address. Our family-owned business holds remanufactured Chevrolet Celebrity engines amongst our inventory of over 15,000 units and may include that extended warranty increasing the longevity of your beloved ride.

The internet can be a hazardous entity with regard to major investments. We do not recommend you take availability or accessibility of any rebuilt Chevrolet Celebrity engines lightly or quickly. Instead, utilize a source that can verify authenticity of origins and viability. Do not settle with a source that digitizes your personhood while dipping their fingers in your wallet. Diligence and care on our part will save a headache for your installation and go lean on your wallet.

You are more than just a number. After all, it is not about that engine block, but about your ride and your life. Get it back the sharpest way possible. Call today. We always provide a 100% money-back guarantee. Check us out at the BBB.

*All units are subject to availability. Production ceased in 1990*

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Chevrolet Celebrity Engine Specifications for 1982-1990:

2.5l “Iron Duke” a.k.a. “Tech IV” I4 151 cu in (’82-’89)
2.8l V6 (RPO LE2) 173 cu in (’82-’86)
2.8l (RPO L44) MPFI V6 iron head from 1985 to 1986 / LB6 aluminum from 1987 to 1989
4.3l Diesel V6 263 cu in ’84-‘85
3.1l MPFI V6 191 cu in 1990

More about your Chevrolet Celebrity:

Your used Chevrolet Celebrity engine might be related to or share a front-wheel drive platform with the Pontiac 6000, Olds Cutlass Cruiser, the Buick Century and the Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera of which many after-market parts co-mingle in our warehouse of more than fifteen-thousand units. Let us work out the kinks by your providing the VIN, desired selection and adding potential shipping address for a quote without obligation and friendly service!

If you have a Eurosport, you will be pleased to know the engine specifications are the same as other types and monikers. The coupe version of the Celebrity was handed over to the Chevrolet Beretta and the Lumina for the Sedan version of the Celebrity while the station wagon model remained since the 1990 cessation.

It is not impossible for a lone individual mechanic to have busted his knuckles recouping a vehicle to near-mint condition and let it sit in the garage. After some time passes, a younger generation without respect to the work involved jumps in behind the wheel intent to take it for a stroll and introduces it to a ditch, instead. While the body of these vehicles may be irreparable, the engine or drive train remained in tact. You are looking for that engine. Alternatively, how about that ‘89 Chevrolet Celebrity whose body was totaled in ’91 but parked in Cooter’s salvage yard until 2001? Any good salvage yard manager is not going to let that low-mileage engine block rot under that hood, but rip it out, clean it up and store it for just the right client.

25 years ago, we enveloped a vision of creating alliances with acquisition managers across the globe. By treating them honorably and fair, they have not forgotten us. They might be holding that Celebrity engine just for us at the right time, with the right mileage and at a price you can genuinely afford. This is how we set ourselves apart from our competitors aside from keeping any unnecessary overhead out of the way. You can count on the fact that we specialize in treating people well, building a stronger foundation that will see us through the difficult times ahead. So, check on that Chevy Celebrity engine you need for your particular job or modification. All quotes are free.

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