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Remanufactured Engine Interstate Motor and Auto Services : Engine Installation and Engine Repair

Since its inception is 1991, Interstate Motor and Auto Service has been providing a plethora of comprehensive services to their clients in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Interstate Motor offers a full list of services that include but are not limited to Inexpensive Engine Replacements, Rear End and Undercar Services, Engine Maintenance and Transmission Service that include both Used and Remanufactured Parts as well as Fleet Services. Sharper Edge has partnered with Interstate Motor of Charlotte, North Carolina to collaborate in providing customers an honest approach to diagnosing, purchasing and installing Major Parts on your car, truck or van.

With over 25 years in the industry, the team at Interstate Motor is an experienced group of friendly professionals that outshines its competitors. Interstate Motor strives to provide customers with peace of mind in an otherwise stressful situation. When customers come in with car trouble, their team gets to the root of the problem with a thorough inspection, diagnosis and offers a variety of options to get you quickly Back on The Road.


Remanufactured Engine

When the vehicle’s “check engine light” comes on, it is often a quick fix. But occasionally, a Complete Replacement and Used or Rebuilt Engine is necessary. Customers often go this route when they are not ready to invest in a new car or if there in sentimental value in their vehicle. Before an Engine Installation, it is imperative that you find a replacement that is compatible with your car as well as reliable. In addition, if your Transmission is need of being replaced, it can be replaced with a Used Transmission. Interstate works directly with Sharper Edge to find clean, quality motors and transmissions with the mileage and pricing to fit each customer’s needs.

Another viable option is to purchase a Remanufactured Engine or Remanufactured Transmission. The Remanufactured (or Rebuilt option) consists of replacing/resurfacing all the rundown parts, essentially giving you parts that are equivalent to new. Working with both import and domestic vehicles and parts, the owners of Interstate Motors live and work by the high standard of serving every customer with respect and dignity, all while offering Inexpensive Engine and Transmission Replacements and Installations.

“We are a family owned and operated vehicle repair business,” shared owner William Beaver Russell Jr. “Before opening our shop, I had nearly 20 years of experience in the automotive repair and maintenance industry.” “My wife Susan and I had a goal to start our own business in a way that we could serve our community here in Charlotte. My family and I have lived in the area for generations. Our family is well known in the community. We are honest and fair and we work every day to maintain those qualities in our business.” If you are located in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, call: 1-888-373-4953 for a free quote

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