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Ferrari Confirms SUV Intentions, Vows to 'Reinvent' Segment

Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed on a conference call that the storied Italian sports car manufacturer is "considering" expanding its vehicle lineup into utility vehicles, according to Bloomberg.

Marchionne claims that Ferrari would "reinvent" the segment and do things its own way. If Ferrari imitates luxury automakers like BMW or Porsche, or even the ultra-luxury Bentley, "you have to shoot [him] first." That's not the first time Marchionne has stated that, but the inevitability of a Ferrari SUV might have enough weight to pull the proverbial trigger this time.

While luxury automakers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz have had multiple vehicles in the SUV segment for decades now, ultra-luxury and exotic manufacturers — and whatever you want to call Tesla — have entered or plan to enter the segment in the coming years.

Tesla has its Model X and Bentley has its Bentayga. Lamborghini is planning to re-enter the market with the Urus (yes, there was the "Rambo Lambo" LM002, but we don't talk about that). Rolls-Royce has a prototype that's been caught testing at both the Nurburgring and in Los Angeles. Aston Martin has teased concept SUVs for years. Lesser luxury brands have gotten into the game, too: Maserati and Alfa Romeo both have new SUVs in the Levante and Stelvio, respectively.

When (not if ) Ferrari builds its utility vehicle, it will have the demand it's looking for — and competition.