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Used Cadillac Catera Engine

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used Cadillac engineUsed Cadillac Catera Engines for Sale

Welcome to Sharper Edge Engine’s Catera page where you can learn how to save a bundle on a used Cadillac Catera Engine even with a warranty and lower mileage. Our family-owned business has procured the most reliable and inexpensive used engines for mid-sized cars like the Catera. And we’ve done it for more than twenty-five years. It’s not necessary to give up that old-world style and feel that seamlessly marries technology in a “Caddy that zigs”. Many distributors make a fast sale by touting limited availability of used engines for the Catera because of its production in Russelsheim, Germany. Don’t buy into the hype. Never feel rushed when considering buying a used engine.From 1997-2001 more than 70,000 Cadillac Cateras were sold on the American market with specific intent by the German automobile manufacturer, Opel. In addition, the General Motors 54-Degree V6 engine issued in the Catera cooperatively sold in other models within the American market. Some versions extended to production as late as 2006. So, there’s plenty to go round. And if you’re wondering: a car involved in an accident where a low-mileage engine remained untouched, you’re right on track. Call with your VIN and shipping address, today, for availability and excellent pricing for your budgeting needs.

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OEM Cadillac Catera Engine Specs for 1997-2001 Production

3.0 Liter L81 or 3.2 Liter La3

The Catera’s GM 54 Degree L81 V6 engines are all manufactured at the Ellesmere Port plant in the United Kingdom. It’s a DOHC iron and aluminum head with 4 cylinder valves. The bore and deck height remain the same regardless of the engine size with 86 mm x 85 mm for 180.75 cubic inch displacement and 10:8:1 comp. ratio. It maxed at 182 horsepower or 208 horsepower with 190 lb per ft or 199 lb per ft. 200 horsepower can be found in the block issued for SAAB production assembly. Cadillac recalled timing belt tension failures that devastated some engines. You may need to buy a replacement.


The 4-speed automatic transmission (GM 4L30-E) produced in France is light-duty issued for rear-wheel drive and used in European and Japanese vehicles. Don’t forget to check the rates on used Cadillac Catera transmissions or power trains when you’re on the phone with one of our technicians. Multiple quotes are welcome and free.

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