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Remanufactured EngineSonny’s Auto: Albuquerque NM Engine Installation and Engine Repair

Your vehicle plays a vital role in just about every activity you take part in. From taking the kids to school, to a first date with the top down, we rely on our cars to get us through the ins and outs of daily life. When trouble with your vehicle strikes, and you are in need of a Transmission or Engine Replacement, it is imperative to choose a trusted company who backs the parts and services they offer.

From Engine Sales to Used Engine Installation, Sonny and Anita of Sonny’s Auto is your go to shop. Honesty and Integrity are at the forefront of all of their work. From their friendly, front desk clerks to their back of the shop technicians, Sonny’s is a Replacement Garage that you can put your full trust into without losing sleep. Sharper Edge has partnered with Sonny’s that is conveniently located in Albuquerque, based on the values in which we run our businesses. We realize that the time for a Replacement Transmission or New or Remanufactured Engine never comes at a convenient one.

Sonny’s values their customers time and individual situations and realizes that although a newer Part Replacement is what some are in search of, equally there are customers in search of Major Parts simply because they are the cheapest. While Sonny’s offers Inexpensive Transmissions as well as Inexpensive Engines, Sonny’s feels strongly that every customer should be treated the same. The end goal is to have customers leave the shop knowing they have purchased a major car part that they can depend on. Customers will never be coerced into making purchases on items they don’t in fact need. Sonny’s is in fact the Cadillac of Replacement Shops for the neighbors of Albuquerque.


Remanufactured Engine

Sonny says, “We live in the same day and age as our customers. Getting from point A to point B is nearly impossible without a functioning mode of transportation. The process of buying these major car parts can be scary. Customers want to know the kind of company they are dealing with. I’m often asked, “Where should I go to Install my Engine or Transmission? Where can I find Rear Ends, Assemblies or Engine Overhaul?

They always begin with worry and panic. My answer is always the same. Use someone you trust. Read the Google reviews. Our reviews speak for themselves. Our customers have become family to us. We see them come in during their worst times, full of stress and not knowing how they will be able to make ends meet without a working car. And that’s where we step in. We share the incredible Engines, Transmissions and All Major Parts that we have available, work to be certain it is a good match with the broken vehicle at hand and work with our customers to quickly get these great parts in their car. They always leave with gratitude and a sense of accomplishment.

Sharper Edge and Sonny’s know that your vehicle is much more than just a mode of transportation. It is four wheels of memories, family vacations and endless opportunities. Call Sonny’s Auto today at: 505-892-550. They are conveniently located at 301 Industrial Loop NE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124.

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